Main Mail Screen
Shown at the top of the page is the "Inbox 4/9" which shows that you have 9 messages in your Inbox of which 4 are unread.
New messages have a blue background.
Unread messages are in bold.
This is the main mail screen with the Inbox open. The navigation bar down the left is described below. Some of these features will not be available on all WebMail systems.
  • Compose Message - Compose a new message.
  • Inbox - New messages are shown here and remain until they are deleted or moved to another folder.
  • List of Folders - This list shows the default folders, Trash, Sent Items and Draft, followed by folder you've created.
  • Pending - If you have enabled 'Friends' on the Options - Spam Control page the received messages are held here until the confirm message is received. It is then automatically moved to the Inbox
  • Held - If you have enabled 'Spam Filtering' on the Options - Spam Control page messages that has been detected as likely spam will be kept in your 'held' folder for a week, and then be deleted automatically.
  • Manage Folders - Create, delete, rename your personal folders. This page also has a summary of folder contents.
  • Addresses - Edit and create address books and group send lists. Add contacts, import and export address books.
  • Search - Find messages in any folder.
  • Options - Settings that affect the way your account works.
  • Logout - Finish you WebMail session