Spam Control
Within WebMail there is a number of Spam Control options available.
1. Spam Filtering - automatically stores email that is suspected to be spam in your 'held' folder for 2 weeks. You can go to your 'held' folder to release messages wrongly identified as spam.
2. SPF
We recommend users control spam by setting
1. SPF - off
Flow Description
1. Accept Rules. The allow exception rules are then processed, these are used to bypass normal spam and friends filtering. Users should be careful setting up such exceptions. A exception might allow anything with my secret password in the subject, or from my boss email address.
2. Filters. Next the users filtering and exceptions rules are processed to check for special rules like, move incoming mail to particular folders.
3. Spam Rules. Next the step is the "adaptive spam detection system". This is used to determine the spam score of the email. The users spam rules are then be applied to determine if the email is to be marked as spam, placed in the held folder, bounced back to sender or deleted.